P4 represents a progressive pathway in healthcare focused on predictive, preventative, personalized and participatory medical practice, beyond diagnosing and treating disease.

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Prostate cancer, the most commonly detected cancer for men in the United States, requires a skilled team of sub-specialized uropathologists operating with sophisticated diagnostic equipment. P4 Diagnostix offers comprehensive diagnostic screenings and unrivaled urology solutions through a collaboration of traditional and world-class proprietary products. Our distinguished team of uropathologists are leaders in the field of anatomic pathology and cytopathology.

In addition to traditional histology and cytology services, P4 Diagnostix offers the following uropathology testing:

  • Cytology
  • Histology
  • Molecular Testing
  • Stone Analysis
  • ProMark
  • PSA
  • Urovysion FISH
  • TERC