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Vital Logistics

We have partnered with Vital Logistics for all our courier needs and solutions. Vital Logistics provides ground logistics services to medical laboratories to manage orders, send-outs and supplies across the provider network. Their service blends rich laboratory expertise with superior logistics operations & cutting edge technology. Read More at https://www.vitallgx.com/


Extensive laboratory expertise aligns our logistics operations to your lab operations.

Item level tracking matched with data from EMR/LIMS/PMS systems

Online access to your account for real-time data and reports.

Trained couriers anticipate and handle common everyday exceptions.

Route planning through hub and spoke model for increased efficiency and decreased costs.

Committed to servicing customers with integrity and accountability.

Synthesis of real-time courier locations, routes & package information using GPS technology.

Extended management of commercial couriers in addition to ground couriers.

Supported by dedicated & competent dispatchers and account managers.